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What is a "Donut Sack?"

     A Donut Sack is a handmade handlebar bag for mountain biking, commuting, bikepacking, camping, and touring. It is built to be: useful, durable, and versatile. While the "Donut Sack," was the first pattern I perfected, I have developed a growing list of pastry-themed bags that I know you'll love.

What should I put in a Donut Sack?

    Really anything. Typically--because I don't like backpacks, and I don't want to leave valuables in my car at the trailhead--I carry my phone, car keys, wallet, and multi-tool.  I always keep a bandana inside to take up space and keep things from bouncing around together. 

Are Donut Sack Bike Bags in my local bike shop?

You can currently find DSBBs at Westerville Bike Shop, Heritage Cycles, Roll:, and Fifty West Cycling. If you would like to see DSBB in your local shop, send them my info and ask them to contact me!

Repair? Returns?

The bags I sell are guaranteed from manufacturing defects for the life of the bag. It wont last forever, but the bags I made are designed to be durable and should last for years. Plastic bits, especially, will eventually break. If a buckle breaks within 3 years, I'll send you a replacement, or you can bring it back to me for repair. If you receive the bag and it's not what you need, or if it doesn't fit exactly how you hoped, I can accept returns of unused items and you will receive 100% refund for the cost of the bag. I cannot, however, refund shipping costs.